1st Groundwater Project Event: Making Groundwater Visible
February 3 through February 26 / Digital Event
The first ever Groundwater Project Event will be 100% online between the 3rd and 26th of February 2021. A series of meetings and discussions will be promoted, addressing relevant and innovative themes presented by the best references in hydrogeology in the world. 
The event will be broadcasted on the Groundwater Project YouTube channel and the public will be able to interact with the speakers through the live chat. All presentations will be broadcasted in English or with English subtitles.

Our meeting aims to involve the largest global groundwater community in the world! Through our panels and discussions we will build relationships, share experiences, engage people and learn about groundwater!

Join us and tell all of your colleagues about it. Let's share groundwater education around the globe!
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4) The suggestions will be evaluated by the marketing and coordination team of the GW-Project and the 3 best names will be up for voting on our online platforms so the winning name can be chosen;
5) The winner or winners (if there is more than one person who suggested the best name) will receive the due credits (announcement at the event with the name of the event and winner, post dedicated to publicize the winner and a recorded testimonial of up to 2 minutes for divulgation on our social media pages);
6) The result will be announced in the first week of the event.
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Be part of this noble project
The GW-Project is an online, free-of-charge distribution of groundwater educational material in several languages.
Dr. John Cherry
Leader of the GW-Project
Adjunct Professor, University of Guelph, Professor Emeritus, University of Waterloo - Canada
Dr. Everton de Oliveira
Steering Committee of the GW-Project
President of Hidroplan, Director of the Sustainable Water Institute - Brazil
Technical Committee
Bruna Soldera
PhD in Geosciences and Environment
Júlia Bettuz
Institutional Communication
Preliminary Programme
February 3
Grand Opening & GW-Project Presentation
All for Groundwater
February 5
February 10
February 12
Have your name on a classic
 Groundwater Book
Social media discussion
Hidrología Subterránea
Quantitative Hydrogeology: Groundwater Hydrology for Engineers
February 17
Groundwater for Children 
February 19
February 24
February 26
   2:10pm-3pm   Volunteers: we need you
 Arabic Groundwater
      2:10pm-3pm Groundwater and intensive use 
Groundwater for All
Closing: all in one
  • William M. Alley (Science and Technology Director, National Ground Water Association - USA) 
  • Leonard Konikow (Emeritus Scientist, U.S. Geological Survey - USA)
  • David Kreamer (IAH President)
  • Allan Freeze (Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia - Canada) 
  • John Cherry (Chair & Project Leader, Adjunct Professor, University of Guelph, Professor Emeritus, University of Waterloo - Canada) 
  • Gani Nessipbekov 
  • David Bethune (Director of Hydrogeologists Without Borders, Research Associate at the University of Calgary - Canada) 
  • Everton de Oliveira (President of Hidroplan, Director of the Sustainable Water Institute - Brazil) 
  • Michael E. Campana (Professor of Hydrogeology and Water Resources Management at Oregon State University and Presidente of Ann Campana Judge Foundation) 
  • Rodrigo Cordeiro (CEO RCordeiro)
  • Emilio Custódio (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - Spain)
  • Manuel Ramón Llamas (Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales - Spain) 
Ghislain De Marsily (Professor Emeritus at the University Pierre et Marie Curie - France) 

Dr. Craig Simmons
Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor of Hydrogeology - Australia

Dr. Hayet Chihi
Professor of Geostatistics and Geomodelling at the Centre for Water Research and Technologies - Tunisia

Dr. Maria Schafmeister
Professor at the Institute of Geography and Geology at the University of Greifswald - Germany
  • Edison Grandisoli (Educator and Diretor of Reconectta Brazil) 
  • Peter Russell (Volunteer at University of Waterloo, Canada) 
  • Leanne Austrins (MSc Earth Sciences, PG, PGeo, Remediation Manager)
  • Ying Fan (The State University of New Jersey, USA) 
  • Dinesh Singhal (President, IAH Indian National Chapter) 
  • Manuel Sapiano (CEO at the Energy and Water Agency in Malta)  
  • Ryan Hreljac (Founder & Executive Director  of the Ryan’s Well Foundation)
  • Enock Obwon  (Hydrogeologist from Uganda - Africa) 
  • Roberto Kirchheim (Companhia de Pesquisa de Recursos Minerais - Geological Service - Brazil)
  • Prof Sergey Pozdniakov from Moscow State University
  • Khalil Al Samarrai (Teaching Staff at the Department of Engineering Geology, University of Tripoli )
  • Abdalraheem Huwaysh (General Executive Manager of Join Authority for the Study and Development of the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System - Libya)
  • Qusai Yaseen Salman Al-Kubaisi (Professor - Water Resource & Environmental Studies at Baghdad University)
  • George P. Karatzas (School of Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Crete, Greece) 
  • Marco Petitta (“La Sapienza” University of Rome, Italy)
  • Miguel Rangel Medina (President of ALHSUD (Latin American Association of Subterranean Hydrology for Development)
GMT-5 Time Zone
Matthew  Damhuis (Hydrogeologist from South Africa)
Joanna Doummar (President the IAH Lebanon Chapter)
"The Groundwater Project is ensuring to bridge the gap between science and community. And this is how we can promote the sustainable use. In my opinion it is a very very interesting  project. And I'm very much into and being a part of it".
GW-Project Testimonials
Shihab Uddin (Civil Engineer from Bangladesh)

"It would not have been possible for me to read the Groundwater book if wasn't open to all for download. So when I was reading the book I felt try to contribute to the project"
Enock Obwon (Hydrogeologist from Uganda)
"I come from a semiarid area where basically groundwater is like gold for us". 
Michael Van Til Civil Engineer based in Denmark
"We’re quite lucky in that regard because we’ve got quite a lot of both confined and unconfined aquifers with very high quality drinking water. So most cases, specially water pump from the deeper aquifers there’s no need for chlorination".
Ana González - Environmental Engineer from Paraguay
"Me llena mucho porque no hay una distinción entre idiomas e idiomas. Sino que se busca que todos tengan la misma oportunidad de acceder a la información, que es tan importante".
Joaquín Meza - Professor at the University Santa Maria in Chile
"For me this project is really important because groundwater plays a fundamental part in the hydrologic cycle but unfortunately people cannot understand, they ignore or misunderstand".

Zoran Stevanovic - Professor at the University of Belgrade

"We should try as much as we can to get access to our knowledge and publications to those who are not able to pay. I’m voting for this kind of democratization of science".

"People in South Africa know a little about groundwater, but not the whole story. So I think the Groundwater Project will help fill in the gaps so we can all talk from the same level".
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